Kit cars, as you might expect, are vehicles you assemble yourself. Usually you'll also buy an engine, transmission, and other parts separately—new or from a donor car. Some kit cars are sold partially assembled as rolling chassis awaiting user installation of the drivetrain, body, and interior. Others are rebody kits to be installed on an existing car's drivetrain and chassis, such as a Ford Mustang, Mazda MX5 Miata, or vintage Volkswagen Beetle (dune buggies from EMPI and Bruce Meyers, for example). The Lotus Seven is a famous vintage kit car that lives on today in the Caterham 7. Other manufacturers past and present include Bradley Automotive, Kelmark, Sterling, Sebring, Robin Hood, MEV (Mills Extreme Vehicles), Ultima, Race Car Replicas, CAV (Cape Advanced Vehicles), Parallel Designs, ListerBell (now LB Specialist Cars), Superformance, The Car Factory, TSC (Tornado Sports Cars), and of course Factory Five Racing. Although many kit cars are made to resemble other iconic automobiles, there's a separate Replicas category under Collector / Antique Autos to browse. Sellers often post new items for auction on, so come back later if you don't see what you're searching for.